Air Fryer

What is an Air Fryer?

Air Fryer is an electronic kitchen appliance that cooks food with convection technology with minimal or no oil usage. It bakes the food at a high temperature with the help of a high powered fan. It is a healthier alternative if you are a die-hard fan of deep-fried food. 

The food in the air fryer comes out crispy & juicy, almost similar to the deep-fried but healthy. You won’t need to fire up an entire oven anymore! Save your time and your oil.

How does Air Fryer work?

It has a high-speed fan at the top and a heating element that radiates heat near the fan, just like our hair dryer does. The hot air from the high spéed fan produces good heat resulting in the food to cook efficiently and appropriately. 

The rapid 360-degree circulation of air inside the it makes the food crispy similar to the deep fryer while maintaining the texture. The temperature can go up to 230º Celcius, depending on the brand and model.

How is Air Fryer healthier than a deep oil fryer?

Yeah, we all know that the fried foods are the most delicious food in the world, but you know it can give you love handles and a huge round fat pack in your stomach. Here is the saviour for your desire for deep-fried foods. It is the healthier substitute of the deep fryer. 

Instead of submerging your food in the oil, air frying just needs minimal or no oil to finish the craving of your favourite foods. When we oil fry starchy food, oil and starch reacts and produces Acrylamides. As per the studies, Acrylamide is a harmful compound and is tied to a higher risk of cancer. One more study shows that air frying lowers the amount of Acrylamide in fried potatoes by 90%.

Air fried food reduces oil usage by 75% – 85% hence the food cooked in it is lower in fats and calories as compared to the deep oil fried product. Opting for an air fryer would be the best way to cut calories and promote weight loss—air fried food, also the risk of heart disease and inflammation. This product can aid weight loss. It also helps you to avoid trans fat and protect your heart health.

What can you cook in the air fryer?

There are many options that you can cook with air fryers. Almost all frozen food can be air fried. Chicken, Fish, Lamb chops, beefsteak, and veggies come out very well without losing the juices and texture. Pastries and cakes you should add on the menu too. 

How can we forget our all-time favourite snacks: potato wedges, french fries, nuggets, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings that can be air-fried without using oil.

There are some different features of air fryers which allow you to fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat, and grill. 

What can you not cook in the air fryer?

You cannot cook foods that are coated with thin and flowy batter like donuts.

Features of Air Fryer

1. Healthier Alternative

As it uses minimal oil, it is a healthier way to lead life. If you are on a diet, air fryer cooked food will help you to intake fewer calories and fats.

2. Easy clean up

As most of the parts in the air fryer are dishwasher safe, it makes it easier to disassemble and washable the components in the dishwasher—no hassle of cleaning it with your mighty hands.

3. Evenly cooking

The air fryer allows you to cook the food more evenly as compared to the microwave oven. When the food is spread on the basket without stacking, it cooks perfectly.

4. Faster cooking

The best air fryer cuts out 30% – 40% of the cooking time as compared to the traditional convection oven. If you are craving a quick snack, then this product is the best option you can opt.

5. Instant heat

Most of the air fryers are not required to preheat. These features are very convenient when you are in a rush and need to have quick snacks or food.

6. Less fats

Air Fryer does not use much oil while air frying food inside it; hence it reduces up to 80% fewer fats intake as compared to deep oil fryers.

Things to Consider While Buying The Best Air Fryer 2020

1. Cost

The average price of a good air fryer ranges between $100 – $350 depending upon the features and size.

2. Features

Most of the air fryers do not require preheating and are plug and cook. There are features like temperature control, which have a feather touch button or a big physical button—some of the significant features like skewers, pressure cooking & dehydrating come with a hefty price.

3. Evenly cooking

It is larger than the two-piece toaster but much more compact than the microwave. It needs a good space over your cooking counter.

4. Product outcome

The food cooked the best air fryer should taste good, and the texture of the food should be somewhat similar to the deep oil fried food.

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